Analytics gives you a static interpretation of your site visitor’s behaviors by telling you how many people visited your site, viewed a page or shows where your visitors came from. While this information can be valuable, it does not tell you the effectiveness of design elements, link placement, or popular areas on a site page.

Crazy Egg tells you where people are clicking on your site and which areas on a site page could use improvement. Crazy Eggs creates reports that allow you to visualize where people are clicking on site pages. This information is valuable for increasing conversions, for example, people purchasing your products and services or subscribing to your newsletter.

Crazy Egg has four reports:

Heatmap – Shows where people clicked on your site.

Confetti – Statistical information like referrals, browser type and operating system the viewer used.

List: Shows the information in a list format.

Overlay: Gives more information about each element on your site pages.

If you are running an advertising campaign that is not performing as expected, page view information will not help increase sales. Knowing where people are clicking on the page, and moving elements around on the page will help put important information in areas you know viewers are looking.