Snapshots for pages that are password protected or only accessible on your intranet can only be added using the Page Camera tool.

The Page Camera tool is located under the Options tab once logged into your Crazy Egg dashboard.

Page Camera is a desktop application that allows you to add snapshots of non-public pages. By taking the snapshot yourself, you can track pages that are accessible only to logged-in users or pages that can only be reached from within your internal network.


  1. Launch Page Camera and navigate to the page you’d like to add as a snapshot. Enter any login information required to access the page.
  2. Once on the page, click “Capture” in the Page Camera menu. Page Camera will capture the page and redirect you to the Crazy Egg login page
  3. Login to Crazy Egg using your login information and complete the process for adding a new snapshot.

Note: Page Camera requires the latest version of Adobe Air. Once installed, download Page Camera and install.