There are five different ways you can view data using Crazy Egg.

1) Heatmap

The heat map is a visualization of where your visitors are clicking. The brighter the area, the more popular it is. The darker the area, the less popular it is. As a specific area of your site gets more clicks, its color on the heat map will change.

2) Scrollmap

The scrollmap shows which parts of the page are viewed most often by your visitors. The brightest areas have been viewed the most number of times and the darker areas have been viewed the least.

3) Confetti Map

The confetti report pinpoints exactly where a person clicks. The dots are color coded to show you more info about the visitor. The default view is Referrer, click on the drop down to change to different views such as Search Term, Search Engine, Browser, etc.

4) Overlay

When you load the overlay in your result, you’ll see several small buttons with plus signs on them. They are color coded to make it easier to see which areas are more popular. For example, a blue button indicates that the area is not as popular as an area marked with a red button.

Click on each button or marker to maximize this marker and to see how many clicks this area has received. Alternatively, you can also hold your mouse cursor over the button to see how many clicks each area has received.

If you want to see how many clicks a specific link has the overlay is the best place to find this info.

The overlay can be segmented into “live”, “other”, and “both”. Clicks that correspond to the live elements on your site such as links, images, and buttons will be seen under “live”. Clicks that correspond to text, white space, and non-live elements will be seen under “other”. The plus sign markers under “other” will all be shades of gray. If you want to see the combined data you can select “both”.

5) List View

The list feature makes it very easy to see all the elements that got clicks. The element name and type are taken directly from the code of your page, so you can easily identify the items.

The list view can be exported, there is a link at the top right of the list view.

The list view has 3 tabs: visible, not visible, and both. The “visible” data is the click data which is also seen in the overlay, heatmap and confetti reports. The “not visible” data is the click data that our system could not visually display in the other reports because it had trouble visually identifying where the clicks took place (such as clicks on dynamic content or within drop down menus). The data under “both” combines the visible and not visible sections.