When you load the overlay in your result, you’ll see several small buttons with plus signs on them. They are color coded to make it easier to see which areas are more popular. For example, a blue button indicates that the area is not as popular as an area marked with a red button.

Click on each button or marker to maximize this marker and to see how many clicks this area has received. Alternatively, you can also hold your mouse cursor over the button to see how many clicks each area has received.

If you want to see how many clicks a specific link has the overlay is the best place to find this info.

The overlay can be segmented into “live”, “other”, and “both”. Clicks that correspond to the live elements on your site such as links, images, and buttons will be seen under “live”. Clicks that correspond to text, white space, and non-live elements will be seen under “other”. The plus sign markers under “other” will all be shades of gray. If you want to see the combined data you can select “both”.