When you first load your dashboard page, you’ll see a list of all of the pages that you are currently tracking. If you click on the title of each page, it will drop down and you will then see the following information:

Under the title of your page you will see the actual URL of the page, as well as links to different features such as editing the page info, stop/resume tracking, updating the snapshot, and deleting the snapshot.

You will also see the date you started tracking a page, and the date we last updated the data for that page. Under that you will see the number of visit limit that you had set when you set up the page for tracking.

At the bottom right you will see a “view results” button. This will open up the actual results that will provide you with information on how many clicks you’ve received and where your visitors are clicking. The overlay, list, heatmap, and confetti are accessed through this button.